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Production Of Small Heat Insulation Wall Blocks And Light Porous Fillers From Loosened Clay-Shale

Description of the Proposal:

The purpose of the investment proposal is establishment of and enterprise producing small heat insulation wall blocks and light porous fillers from loosened clay-shale in order to satisfy the demand of the construction industries of Georgia and neighboring countries.

Description of the Proposal:

The increase of the energy resource prices has brought to the agenda the issue of heat insulation of buildings, which creates the necessity of production of high quality and at the same time inexpensive light heat insulation materials. For this purpose we must note the possibility of usage of the landslide deposits clay-shale of the Duruji River, which material has the capacity of self-loosening in the conditions of certain temperature mode. It must be noted, that as a result of annual landslide of the Duruji River 500 thousand tons of clay-shale is brought down, which creates the threat of ecological disaster for the adjacent areas, particularly Kvareli City. Therefore, on the one hand, usage of the clay-shale will support solution of this problem and on the other hand, we will have cheap mineral base for production of new heat insulation materials, the cost price of which is much lower than the selling price.

Implementation of the proposal:

In the conditions of laboratory we have produced homogenous structure material, operating parameters of which are as follows: bulk weight – 300-650kg/m3, stability limit at compression – 0,6-2,5mgpa, water uptake – 3,5-7%, porosity – 60-80%. A plant producing light heat insulation small blocks can be constructed in Kvareli Region, close to the mineral base. And the waste of the block production can be used as porous filler, for both, production of light concrete and filling the inserted floors. Production will be non-waste. The main consumers of the product will be construction companies of Georgia and the Caucasus.

Estimated cost:
To produce 100 000m3 of loosened mass, of which 30% (30 000m3) will be light filler and 70% - wall blocks, estimated cost of constructing a plant makes 1,6 mln USD and the annual revenue of the plant is estimated at 550 thousand USD.
Authors of the propozal:
Lamara Gabunia, Doctor of Technical Sciences