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Creation Of Geological Informational System Of Georgia 

Description of the proposal:
The purpose of the proposal is to create a geological informational system in Georgia using modern informational technologies in the form of well organized data bases and different scale geological and geophysical electronic maps. Form the cadastre of all types of mineral resource deposits in the territory of Georgia on the base of detailed electronic passports. The overall goal of the project is to establish a unified monitoring system for mineral resources and development of current dangerous geological processes in the country.
Justification of the proposal:
Since the last decades of the 19th century up today, while the systematic and regular geologic study has been an ongoing process, the geological agencies and the science of geology in Georgia has generated a huge unique information, which is necessary not only for Georgia, but also for the world geological science. This whole information massive, which includes thousands of volumes, is kept on a paper and archived in the libraries of the so called geological funds. Due to the age of these materials and absolutely inadmissible conditions of storage these materials are facing the threat of gradual destruction, which will be an irretrievable loss for geology in the whole world. Besides, it is almost impossible to find one’s way in these archives and sometimes it is even not possible to find specific data. Therefore, it has become vital to transmit this information to electronic collectors and store it in the digital mode, which would allow to rescue these unique materials, systematize it in the form of electronic data bases and thus make any information easily accessible for users. Besides the above, during the period of project implementation tens of Georgian geologists will be employed and retrained> which will certainly improve their social situation and contribute to solution of the poverty problem.
Implementation of the proposal:
The product resulted from implementation of the project (geological information) will be used not only by Georgian government, but also any legal entity or physical person involved in Georgia and beyond its limits. It is well known, that in the 21st century information has become the most expensive product and taking into consideration that the demand for information is constantly increasing in the world, this product will be easy and quick to sell and it will fully cover the costs.
Estimated cost: 
Implementation of the above project will take 5 years and its cost is estimates at 3 mln USD.
Authors of the Proposal:
Aslan Suladze – Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy and Manana Otarashvili – Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy.