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Institute Activities
Sphere of activity:
  • Forecasting and studying of mineral resources, including energy ore and anthropogenic deposits. 
  • Various scale geological mapping. 
  • Hydro- and engineering-geological and geophysical researches. 
  • Researches of component-chemical composition of mineral ore and its component rocks. 
  • Mineral ore processing technologies. 
  • Technological assessment and expertise of mineral ore and its derivative materials according to current standards. 
  • Ecological analysis of the environment. 
  • The issues of applied geochemistry. 
  • Issues of economics and informatics of mineral ore materials.
 Role of Commodities in the World: Scientific Investigation, Analysis and Strategic Interests of Georgia 

 Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation Applied Researches
 Grant Project № 31/60
 Valuation of the perspeqtives of the presence  of oil and gas of the Deep Sinking Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sediments of east Georgia.
N. Aslanikashvili 1945-2013, A. Suladze 2014 -2016, 
 L. Akhalbedashvili, V. Iorashvili, M. Topchishvili

  Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation Applied Researches Grant Project
   № AR/103/9 – 150/13
Geological -Technological Study and Assessment of Pyroclastic Rocks (Ignimbrites, Pumices and Ash Tuffs, Volcanic Ash) of Rhyolite and Dacite Composition of Kvemo Kartli for the Purpose of Their Utilization in Production of Cement, Colored Glass and Ceramics
(04.04.2014 - 04.04.2016)
The report on the project has been handed over at 4/1/2016.

In research department of silicates and construction materials laboratory testings of cements according to requirements of European standards are held.
To interested persons to call by telephones:
599 51 90 20 or 247 84 80

Caucasian Institute of Mineral Resources has received the information, from t.Khuston (USA)  about awarding with "BIZZ 2010"- an advanced  business inproving prize - the most important business  award of the wored, by the wored  business confederation, and it has been chosen as a permanent distinguished member of this confederation. 
Two projects of institute have won competition of grants in 2010

Proceedings  in Honour of  80 year after foundation of the institute and respectful  memory of the prominent stientists of  Tvalchrelidzes family  Alexander, George and Tatyana, has been issued.

Four projects of institute have won competition of grants in 2009