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Director – Revaz Kvatashidze  ,Doctor of Geological- Mineralogical Sciences, Corresponding member of Georgian Engineering Academy
 Office:   11 Mindeli i Street, 0186 Tbilisi
              Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
                Al. Tvalchrelidze Caucasian Institute of Mineral Resources
                Tel:  (+995 32) 2 54 15 55... (+995.32) 2...
Personal information:
Place and date of birth:          Kutaisi, September 13, 1956
Citizenship:                              Georgian
Marital status:                          married; wife and two sons
Georgian, Russian
1974-1979                               I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
1964-1974                               Tbilisi 15th Secondary School
2007                                          Corresponding member of Georgian Engineering Academy
2006                                          Doctor of Geological- Mineralogical Sciences
1991                                          Candidate of Geological- Mineralogical Sciences
1982                                          Engineer-Geologist
Professional activities:
2007 – 20.XII                          Director, Al. Tvalchrelidze Caucasian Raw Minerals Institute
2006-2007                              Acting Director, Caucasian Raw Minerals Institute
2006-2006                              Deputy Director, Caucasian Raw Minerals Institute
2004-2006                              Deputy Head of Georgian State Department of Geology
1995-2004                              Head of Geological party, State Department of Geology, Mining and Mineral Resources of Ajarian Autonomous Republic
1993-1995                              Head of Geological party, Expedition of Regional Geology and Planning
1986-1993                              Research Officer, Caucasian Raw Minerals Institute
1979-1986                              Technician-geologist, Caucasian Raw Minerals Institute
Hobby                                    Literature, hunting, traveling

List of the Main Tractates and Significant Engineering Works  
  • Report on Thesis IA. II/(17) 2-2/279 – Compilation of Integrated Legend of Geological Map of the Caucasus of the scale 1:50 000 for 1979-82. “Stratigraphic Diagram and Integrated Legend of the Sediments of the Age of Reptiles of Somkhit-Agdam Zone within Bolnisi-Alaverdi-Kedabeki Series of Strata”. CIRM. Tbilisi. 1982. 320 p. I vol.
  • Report on Thesis IA. II/(17) 2-2/279 – Compilation of Integrated Legend of Geological Map of the Caucasus of the scale 1:50 000 for 1979-82. “Stratigraphic Diagram and Integrated Legend of the Sediments of Lower and Middle Jurassic Age of Great Caucasian Slope within Abkhazian-Rachian and Kazbegi-Lagodekhi-Samurian Series of Strata”. CIRM. Tbilisi. 1982. I vol.
  • Report on Thesis “Complex Petrological-structural Study of Products of Palaeogenetic Volcanism of Meria Ore Region for the Purpose of Prognostication of Ore-bearing Capacity Perspective”. Funds of CIRM. Tbilisi. 1985. 165 p.
  • Peculiarities of Structure and Formation of Lodnari-Tbeti Volcano-tectonic Depression (Ajara-Trialeti Plication Zone of Georgian SSR). Collection “Volcanic Structures (Problems of Formation and the Related Metallogeny)”. Tashkent. 1986. p.2.
  • Peculiarities of Modeling of Volcanic-tectonic Structures of Ajarian Ore Region. Collection “Volcanic-tectonic structures”. Khabarovsk. 1989. 2 p.
  • Paleo-volcanism of the Left Side Part of the River Khaladis (Kafan Ore Region of Armenian SSR). Collection “Volcanic-tectonic structures”. Khabarovsk. 1989. 2 p.
  • Report on Thesis “Development of Geological-genetic Model of Ganjibut and Antarashat Prospective Area with the Elements of Prognostication in the Scale 1:10 000 on the Basis of Palaeo-volcanic, Petrological, Thermobarogeochemical and Isotope Researches”. CIRM (funds). 1990. 255 p.
  • Thesis Work: “Palaeo-volcanic Analysis and reconstruction of Ore-bearing Structures on the Example of Lodnari-Tbeti Volcano-tectonic Depression”. Tbilisi. CIRM. 1990. 200 p.
  • Informational-geological Report #2 on the Project included in State Special Purpose Program - “Compilation of Geological and Prognostic Maps of Merisi Ore Site (370 km2) in the Scale 1:25 000”. Geological Funds. Tbilisi. 2001. 125 p.
  • Determination of the Pattern of Distribution of Rare Elements in Sulphide Mines of Adjarian Autonomous Republic and within the Exhaustion Crust. Geological Funds. Tbilisi. 2002. 192 p.
  • To the Issue of the Problem of Water Supply of Kobuleti Resort Zone. GEN. 2007 #1. p.p. 144-147.
  • Tasks and Perspectives of Caucasian Institute of Raw Minerals. Magazine “Mining Journal”. 2007 (in print). 10 p.
  • To the Issue of Structuring of Palaeo-volcanic Model and Conditions of Formation of Pyrite Mineralization on the Example of Garjibut-Antarashat Ore Site (Kafan Ore Region). 2007. (in print). 4 p.