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2021-12-06   1  
2020-11-01   1  
2020-07-01   CARYS-19-158  Innovative Technologies of Production of Ceramic Construction Products from Alluvium of Shale Accumulated in the Riverbed of Duruji River near Kvareli  
2019-12-17   1  
2019-02-18   R FR-18-783    esearch of the possibility to develop new type of geopolymeric binders based on local raw materials  
2019-01-25   111  
2019-01-16   111  
2019-01-16   Georgian Natural Stones - Georgian Travertines
Vazha Geleishvili - project manager
Murad Tkemaladze - Project Executor
Georgy Zazadze - Project Manager
2019-01-16   AR-18-343 Modification of Clayey Rocks of Georgia to Fillers and Aggregates for Superstable to the Natural Disaster and Energy Efficient Concretes and Porous Wares  
2018-12-17   1111  
2018-02-09   1  
2017-12-15   1  
2017-12-08   1  
2017-11-24   1  
2017-07-01      "Development of production technology for obtaining necessery for agruculture the mineral and organic profonged fertifisers in the base of agromineral  rav materials using traclitiones and biotecnological methods in the base of agromineral "  
2017-05-01     Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation Applied Researches Grant Project FR/43/9-220/14  "Development of a non-waste technology for production of deficit compounds of potassium, potash products and potassium biofertilizers for industry and agriculture from natural and man-made waste of Georgian trachytes" L.kartvelishvili  
2016-06-21    Project on the Grant Program on Basic Research   Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation 
 "Role of Commodities in the World: Scientific Investigation, Analysis and Strategic Interests of Georgia"   
   Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation Applied Researches
  Grant Project № 31/60 
   "Valuation of the perspeqtives of the presence  of oil and gas of the Deep Sinking Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sediments of east Georgia."  N. Aslanikashvili (1912-2013), A. Suladze (2014 -2016)
 L. Akhalbedashvili, V. Iorashvili, M. Topchishvili
Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation Applied Researches Grant Project
  № AR/103/9 – 150/13
 "Geological -Technological Study and Assessment of Pyroclastic Rocks (Ignimbrites, Pumices and Ash Tuffs, Volcanic Ash) of Rhyolite and Dacite Composition of Kvemo Kartli for the Purpose of Their Utilization in Production of Cement, Colored Glass and Ceramics" (04.04.2014 - 04.04.2016)
The report on the project has been handed over at 4/1/2016.
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